We last updated this post in March, just a few months ago, for market stats in Parks of Aledo. More information about the Parks of Aledo can be found on their Facebook page, and webpage.

Here is a link to the March post. Check it out and see how things are trending in Parks of Aledo

Active Listings: 
Number of Homes 7
Average Price $651,429
Average Square Feet 2,734
Average Price Per Foot $244.69
Average Days on Market 43
Under Contract: 
Number of Homes 11
Sold in Last 90 Days: 
Number of Homes 12
Average Price $680,059
Average Square Feet 3,377
Average Price Per Foot $202.85
Average Days on Market 31
Sold in Last 180 days: 
Number of Homes19
Average Price$634,774
Average Square Feet3,234
Average Price Per Foot$197.26
Average Days on Market26
Absorption Rate:2 1/2 months
What is it?Amount of time needed to sell the existing inventory.
1-4 months of inventorySeller’s Market
5-6 months of inventoryNeutral Market
7+ months of inventoryBuyer’s Market

The absorption rate is very good and has stayed consistent during this selling season. The last 90 days have been very active, doubling the activity of homes sold from the last post. 11 homes are currently pending sale, so in a matter of a month of less, we will see a large increase in recent sales. 

Remember, these reports are just reflecting the homes sold through the MLS. There are also build-job sales, and off-market sales. This just means that things are very, very active, and as you can see from data from March to June, this is the prime selling season. 

Call us if you are curious about the neighborhood or would like to see some homes. 

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